Previous Towns

I have been an Animal Crossing fan ever since I laid hands on a copy for the Gamecube, so when New Leaf was announced I was extremely excited and I got it as soon as it was released. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures saved from my first town or the other towns that came after, and I find myself not remembering much about those times in general, so in an attempt to safeguard those memories, I have decided to start a blog. While it may seem silly to some, I don’t like forgetting things, especially if those “things” are happy memories, so I hope by starting this blog I’ll be able to hold on to those memories for a little while longer, and perhaps make some new ones on the way! 😀

HNI_0090 Foxglove: Foxglove was my second town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (The first being a town called Charry, but because I have zero pictures of Charry at all, this will be the only time it’s mentioned in this post.) I don’t have many photos of Foxglove even though it was such a fun town to play in and explore. At that time, I didn’t really have a lot of goals in Animal Crossing. I had so much to do and so little time to do it, that Foxglove was merely an escape from reality. It wasn’t a project like my towns are today and I had very few goals. I eventually stopped playing Animal Crossing for a while, and I didn’t pick it up for close to a year.


Bluebell: When I began playing Animal Crossing again, I was unsatisfied with all of the towns I made. I couldn’t seem to stick with a town for more than a few days, nitpicking over the slightest detail. All of these towns were extremely temporary, and when Bluebell was created I thought it would be like the others. The maps Rover showed to me weren’t the best, but Bluebell’s layout bothered me less than the others so I chose that one. I named the town Bluebell and thought that I would delete the town after a day or two, once I found something that bugged me.
HNI_0036To my surprise, Bluebell didn’t have any flaws that stood out to me. I enjoyed the layout and my house location, and I loved my native fruit of pears. I got sucked into Animal Crossing yet again, but this time I had more elaborate plans for my town. No longer was I content with a natural town (even though there is nothing wrong with that!). Once I saw how creative you could get with this game, I had big plans for Bluebell.

HNI_0045I started laying down paths that I found online, and became much more strategic with placing my public works projects.

HNI_0041I also put more effort into my house and I worked hard on paying off my loan.

HNI_0085There was just one problem: the name of my town itself. When I chose the name of Bluebell, I wasn’t sure what theme I was going to go after in the town I chose, nor did I even really consider the name itself. What I had come to imagine for the theme of Bluebell was a bustling, countryside city. And as silly as it may seem, the name Bluebell didn’t put forth that vibe for me. It sounded more peaceful and calm to me. An elegant town on the seashore, dealing mostly with the colors blue and white. The name bothered me, and while I was happy with the rest of the town, I didn’t want to settle for a town that I wasn’t completely satisfied with. So I resetted.


Foxglove (Attempt number 2): When I deleted Bluebell, I had the option of selling it to Tom Nook for about 12 million bells. I took that option and immediately created the town of Foxglove. I had fond memories of my last Foxglove, and I hoped to recreate them with the new Foxglove. I also wanted to do justice to the name itself. Foxgloves are my favorite flowers because of their unique appearance. They also have a unique name and I thought it would be perfect to re-use for my town.

HNI_0025However, it just wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t like the layout of the town as much as I had hoped. There was a narrow stretch of land near the top of the map which wasn’t big enough for many pwps and any houses. The land surrounding the river also had a strange shape to it, certain parts sticking out more than others. To top it off, the town was very rocky and in some of the worst ways I have ever seen. Rocks seemed to be clumped near important buildings, such as the town hall and retail. I was limited in where to place my house because of the rocks, and the placement of my house left me little room to work with. I couldn’t see myself staying in this town any longer, so I placed what was left of my money at another town, and I deleted Foxglove.


Birdsong: Birdsong is my current town and the one I will be blogging about. I enjoy the layout and I like the town name. It sounds very flexible in what it could possibly mean, hopefully allowing me to have more room in what themes I want to try out. 🙂 I have many ideas for Birdsong, and I can’t wait to make Birdsong into a wonderful town!


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